Photo Credit:  LAS,  Michael Raspuzzi (2018).

Photo Credit: LAS, Michael Raspuzzi (2018).

PROXIIMA is an interdisciplinary, research-based design practice led by Alberto de Salvatierra.

The office’s work seeks to engage civilization vis-à-vis cities—and related, playful, imaginaries—to re-image and re-frame disciplinary attitudes of urban systems and flows at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design tempered by ecology. Additionally interested in an intellectual project where designing metropoli from mythology or engendering cities from sediment proffers rich speculative realities for a metamodern world, PROXIIMA—taken from the Spanish word for “next” or “forward”—looks to the future with both eyes.

PROXIIMA is based in Las Vegas, NV.


Alberto de Salvatierra is Founder and Principal of PROXIIMA, Founding Chairman of the Center for Civilization, and a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the UNLV School of Architecture—where he Co-Founded and Co-Coordinates at-LAS, a new interdisciplinary laboratory.

A multilingual and bi-cultural polymath, architectural designer, and landscape urbanist, Alberto holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and both a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Design Studies in Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. He has conducted academic-related travel and research in 27 countries over the last 8 years and his work has been featured in various publications. He is the past recipient of Cornell's Robert James Eidlitz Fellowship, Harvard Library's Inaugural May Crane Fellowship, and GSD's Penny White Prize. Prior to arriving at UNLV, he taught ecological design at Cornell University, architecture foundations at the Boston Architectural College, and landscape architecture at GSD’s Design Discovery.

Alberto is the Curator of the Las Vegas Hub of the Global Shapers Community. The GSC—based in Geneva, Switzerland—is an initiative of the World Economic Forum.