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PARALLAX: Exploring Luminaries of Science Fiction [Olin Library @ Ithaca, NY]

Fall 2013 | Lead Exhibition Designer

PARALLAX: Exploring Cornell Luminaries of Science Fiction Exhibition Website | Olin Library   

Parallax is the displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. Similarly, at a time, where machines terra-forming Mars, space ships traversing the Solar System, and reaching the outer reaches of our galaxy where the machinations of idealistic visionaries—today our change in perspective (the parallax of our more technologically advanced civilization) has rendered previous thoughts of science fiction into science fact. Of course, not all the works explored in this exhibition have materialized into such concrete existence as the Mars Rover or the Arecibo Telescope, but beginning with Garrett P. Serviss who graduated Cornell in 1876, and beyond, PARALLAX: Exploring Cornell Luminaries of Science Fiction elaborates on the seminal works and thoughts of the most prominent Cornell Alumni while highlighting their contributions to the field.